About PaleoFoodGuide.com

The Paleo Food Guide is a website that I created in order to keep track of my journey into a lifetime of Paleo nutrition.

This website contains articles that explain Paleo theories, recipes for Paleo meals and also links to all the people I come across in the Paleo world.

The site at its heart is a collection of recipes (with ingredients) that will help you in situations where you need to know what to buy in order to remain true to your Paleo lifestyle.

My history in Paleo started in 2010 when I came across a number of very interesting individuals in podcast land. For years I have been a person that according to general healthy eating rules, have eating a moderately healthy diet. I cooked for myself (using fresh organic ingredients, low fat, balanced carbs and protein) rarely ate junk food and only consumed alcohol on a social basis generally only at the weekend. However my weight (or should I say % fat) was increasing year on year.

I played football (soccer to you in the USA) up to four times a week but still the only solution anyone could say to me was… exercise more! Now even though I knew that going to the Gym and lifting weights, maybe adding a run or two in a week would see me lose pounds I knew that this could not be the answer to losing weight and keeping it off in a sustainable manner… After all I was already eating healthily right… wrong!!

Enter a guy called Sean Croxton of underground wellness fame. Now this guy for one is in great shape and takes pride in educating people on the real science behind movement and healthy living (I will be doing an article on each of the people I mention on this page but for the sake of showing how I reached at my Paleo education I’ll include my trail)

Sean Croxton has a radio show on Blog Talk Radio and one morning (2am for me as I’m the UK… commitment to the cause huh!) he interviewed Paul Chek. Now this guy is incredible, almost like a god father of Holistic living. Paul Chek introduced Metabolic typing into the mix as well as his very own Chek Institute (which again is very interesting but not for this page). Paul Chek’s book ‘Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ is considered one of the must have books when it comes to modern understanding of true health.

Next came a guy called Jimmy Moore. After researching my Metabolic type I came across this fantastically dedicated individual who runs a website and podcast called Living La Vida Low Carb… great name! Jimmy is someone that has had some personal tragedy in his life due to bad health and well as being previously obese he strives to educate people on what is the truth behind real natural health. Jimmy has interviewed hundreds (and continues to) of top people in their specific genre of health. Be it Gary Taubes from ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ fame to Robb Wolf of ‘The Paleo Solution’ fame.

And there we have it, Robb Wolf! As soon as I heard this guy talk I thought… bingo – everything he is saying matches my problems with weight (mainly around my midsection), problems with sleep patterns (staying wide awake till around 3am each morning), and commenting on the diet of low fat, high carbs, low protein being bad and causing these issues. Enter my Paleo research.

Now rather than going on about what I have learned about Paleo on this page this is why this site has been built. This is my attempt to ‘Pay it Forward’ as best I can and share the knowledge help advertise the Paleo way of life.

It has taken nearly two years in total to find these guys (and girls!) and this way of living and I’m hoping that by writing this and sharing my successes and findings that I can help a few of you out there speed up your learning.

Feel free to send me any questions about anything you read, please comment on any posts or articles to improve the content on the site for all that reads it and definitely check out the experts that I provide links to. These people can seriously change you life for the better.

Here’s to a health, energy and fitness!!


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